Our Mission

Supporting and representing forest owners across Ireland through a vibrant producer group network

What we do

OUR services for FOREST Owners

Help forest owners realise the full economic potential of their forest through their local producer group
Support forest owner producer groups in achieving their individual aims, through education, dissemination of information and sharing of expertise
Provide representation for forest owners within the industry and at a national and EU level

Who we are

a group for forest owners

Irish Forest Owners (IFO) is a national representative body for forest owner producer groups in Ireland. Forest owner producer groups are not-for-profit, volunteer-led groups, who provide members with independent advice and education on commercial and sustainable forest management.

Who we are

our aim

The aim of IFO is to promote the development of private forestry and private forest ownership, and to enable producer groups to support their members in achieving the full economic potential of their forest.

Our Members

Some of our members

Representing forest owner producer groups within the industry and at a national and EU level in vocalising the issues that affect them

Assist the development of commercial activities within and between forest owner producer groups to optimise economic return for forest owners

All member groups are committed to developing a sustainable and supportive rural development organisation that is focused on the private forest estate

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WEBINAR and AGM 2024

IFO is hosting a webinar followed by an AGM on Wednesday 27th March 2024 @ 8pm The webinar is open to all REGISTER HERE ————————————————————————————————————–

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