Dual FSC® and PEFC certification in Forest Management for forest owners

Irish Forest Owners Group Certification Scheme

Irish Forest Owners is offering dual FSC® and PEFC certification in Forest Management to forest owners in the Irish Forest Owners producer group network in the Republic of Ireland.

What is Forest Certification?

Forest Certification is a system that verifies forests are managed to the highest international social, economic and environmental standards, leading to a certificate issued by a recognised independent party.

Two international Certification Schemes operate in Ireland at present:

Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®)

Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC)

What is Group Certification


A number of forest owners join together and make a single Forest Certification application, taking advantage of economies of scale and the opportunity to build knowledge.

Benefits of Group Certification

Group certification is a more affordable scheme to achieve internationally recognised standards in Forest Management. Certification provides access to wider markets and a premium price for certified timber may be negotiated. Forest management certification may also be beneficial for verifying forests for future payments for carbon sequestration and ecosystem service payment.

Irish Forest Owners Group Certification Scheme

Forest Owner

  • Applies to IFO to join the scheme
  • Provides a Forest Management Plan produced by a suitably qualified forester, including proof of ownership
  • Pays group membership fee

Qualified Forester

Produces a Forest Management Plan of certification standard at the request of the forest owner

Group Manager

  • Appointed by Irish Forest Owners.
  • Ensures the Forest Management Plan and other necessary documentation of new group members are of the required standard.
  • Oversees regular compliance auditing and monitoring of group member activities.
  • Maintains all necessary records as required by the FSC® and PEFC standards.

Irish Forest Owners

Holds the group certification and represents the group members during the period of validity of the certificate

The Process of Certification Flow Diagram

Essential requirements for forest owners while certified

  • Prior to any forestry operations, large or small, the forest owner must contact the Group Manager regarding documents required during any activities
  • Annual activities sheet and budget must be completed and sent to the Group Manager
  • All sales of certified timber must have the unique forest certification details attached for chain of custody

Further Information

Further detail on group certification in Ireland is available at www.groupcertification.ie, where a full forest management manual is available for download (https://www.groupcertification.ie/resources/forest-management-manual). 

FSC® Forest Management Certification


PEFC Forest Management Certification


Enquiries for the IFO Group Certification Scheme

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