2017-10-27 15.24.44.jpgPrivate forest owners are encouraged to seek forestry advice from their local producer  group, Teagasc forestry adviser, Forest Service inspectors and independent foresters to make an informed decision on the management of your forestry.Image2.jpg

Active forest management  from the outset will improve the productivity of the plantation and final clearfell value.  The Department have various grants available to assist in the development of site infrastructure and crop management.Image4Private forest owners should refer to their local producer group or their local Teagasc adviser to understand types of timber sales and current timber product prices.

  • Standing sale – immediate income but only based on an estimate of total tonnes harvested and a high standing price is unlikely to reflect the actual total commercial tonnes
  • Roadside sales – harvesting cost must be covered but the harvester verifies the total tonnes / cubic metres harvested and the sawmill provides dockets for the weight payment
  • Delivered  sales – harvesting and transport costs must be covered and only necessary if the process yields a higher income than roadside sales

Wood chipping in action